Company Profile

Company Profile


Shefi is a family company. At our heart is our early origin in superior diamond cutting, beginning in 1925. From this expertise, and the increasing success that came with it, we have grown. Our business has expanded to include not only members of our extended family, but to serving clients around the world. From the US to Japan, our manufacturing clients have always depended on us for consistent excellence in polished diamonds of all types, covering the full range of color and carat weights. In response to increasing world market demand for our diamonds, we now operate first-rate cutting facilities in Navsari, Surat, and Mumbai.

From decades of expert diamond cutting, it was a natural progression to expand our family of operations to include find jewelry manufacturing. Shefi Diamonds now encompasses the entire process from the acquisition of rough diamonds to superb craftsmanship in finished jewelry.

The scope of our jewelry manufacturing across continents allows us to serve the retailer form a unique perspective. We have the benefit of the big-picture. In meeting the demands of a world wide customer base, we are well versed in the nuances of consumer preferences based on market sensitive intelligence. We apply this knowledge by assisting retailers in developing a product offering that suits their market individually. Our knowledgeable sales force, coupled with our responsive back-office completes picture. This is a level of service found nowhere else.

Going Forward, we have made our commitment to increased efficiency in servicing our clients a priority. Because the progression from mine to jewelry is within our operations, Shefi Diamonds is structured to serve its clients seven days a week. With this effort, we are striving to achieve unrivaled speed in turnaround and delivery.

We wish you success and look forward to a future filled with our love of diamonds and beautiful jewelry.